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Hartford Communities That Care, Inc. (HCTC) is a Hartford-based nonprofit organization committed to creating and supporting non-violent and drug-free communities in which youth and families can thrive.

Founded in 1998, HCTC achieves its mission by forming partnerships with key community members and organizations, by coordinating critical services, and by identifying, developing and implementing evidence-based programs for high rates of success.

HCRT Seasonal Staffing Report

July 1, 2020 to August 30, 2020

CT HVIP Collavorative Update

August 2020

Uncovering Data on Firearms Recovered in Hartford

While hundreds of illegal firearms are confiscated in Hartford every year, there persists a staggering lack of publicly-available information on these guns. This has provided a considerable challenge to our community partners, CT Against Gun Violence and Hartford Communities That Care, two local organizations committed to reducing gun violence. In our research, we aim to remedy these informational deficiencies and provide data which will support their advocacy efforts.

Professor Sarah Raskin, Larry Johnson (Hartford Communities That Care), Olivia Zeiner-Morrish, and Richard Perry III analyzed and visualized the emerging trends in order to deliver our community partners useful visualizations of this previously inaccessible data.


After nearly 50 shootings in 7 weeks, Hartford’s crisis and violence prevention workers are frustrated, worn thin

HARTFORD — Weeks of unrelenting gunfire in Hartford are overwhelming the small circle of violence prevention workers who respond at all hours to meet shooting victims in their hospital beds.



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Raising Youth Voices Podcast Trailer


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Summer Youth Leadership Academy


Raising Youth Voices

Raising Youth Voices



HCTC is pleased to partner with the following organizations and alliances in our work.


Ana Grace Foundation 
Blue Hills Civic Association 
Capital Workforce Partners
City of Hartford 
CENCAP Federal Credit Union 
Connecticut Against Gun Violence
Connecticut Health Foundation 
Connecticut Office For Victim Services
COMPASS Youth Collaborative 
Everytown for Gun Safety
Fairview Capital 
Giffords Law Center to Prevention Gun Violence 
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving 
Hartford Healthcare Medical Group
Hartford Behavioral Health 
Harriott Home Health Services 
Mothers United Against Violence   
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center
The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention 
YMCA of Greater Hartford 
YWCA Hartford Region