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HCTC shall create a non-violent and drug free environment through the coordination and collaboration of services, promotion of education, healthy lifestyles, and practices and by the formation of effective partnerships with key members of the community.


Child & Adult Clinical Services (CACS)

The goal of the Child & Adult Clinical Services (CACS) is to assist clients in identifying their problems and solutions. The CACS program helps children, adults and their families work toward regaining emotional and psychological balance.  CACS provides diagnostic evaluation and ongoing behavioral health treatment for children five to 18 years old and adults, age 18 years and older.

Our specialists include clinical social workers, medical social workers, case managers, behavioral and crisis intervention specialist and educational consultants. CACS also serves as a training site for graduate students from several universities.

CACS uses a range of evidence-based treatment models. Therapists have also been trained in a variety of trauma informed models to address some conditions such as:  depression, anxiety, and difficulty with interpersonal relationships, loss, crisis, trauma, problems in school, and other behaviors.


  • Adult Individual and Group Therapy
  • Couples and Families Therapy
  • Clinical Assessments/ Psychological Testing
  • Case Management
  • Children and Adolescent Therapy
  • Children and Adolescent Group Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Therapy
  • Medication Consultation and Management
  • Therapy available in Spanish
  • School Consultation and Collaboration
  • Therapeutic Mentoring/Mentoring

We accept the following Insurance:  Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Cigna, and HUSKY Health

Phone: 860-724-1223
Director: Roxanne Ellis-Denby, LCSW, LMSW, LPN
Location: 2550-Main Street, 3rd, Floor, Hartford, Ct. 06120


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The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy (GHYLA) & Community Engagement
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