Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy

GHYLA has been focusing their efforts on a new initiative called Each One Reach One. Each One Reach One is a project that focuses on the future beyond high school. Offering students other alternatives post graduation other than college such as becoming an entrepreneur or taking on a trade/certification. The goal is to offer mentorship and resources through one-on-one check-ins and monthly meetings with the group. Each One Reach One wants to let students know just because they have graduated doesn't mean the connections and resources available have to stop.

New enrollment of Raising Youth Voices began on Saturday September 25th, 2021. There are 11 new youth who have been recruited through referrals and the summer youth program here in Hartford, they join five core members for a total class of 16. During the new enrollment period, GHYLA aims for the new members to get acquainted, host leadership activities, self-identity exercises and be educated on the CADCA model. The CADCA model is used in Raising Youth Voices to help members research an issue and find solutions by discovering the root causes, local conditions, strategies and intervention. Youth members will be broken up into groups to discuss the following topics; gun violence, education, and child injuries and fatalities. Even though the youth will be doing research on their respective topics, GHYLA wants all members to know and be familiar with the other topics so they can have the knowledge and the ability to present it to others.

The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy was excited to be the recipient of the West End Civic Association (WECA) 100 Neighbors who Care Campaign! Sarah Martz, a representative from WECA came to our last session in October to present the generous donation in person. The GYHYLA members will attend the January meeting of the West End Civic Association to introduce our program. These funds will be used to support the work and activities of our young people as they live on the mission of being community problem solvers! In addition to the WECA grant, the GHYLA were chosen for Town Fair Tire's annual community donation giveaway and a 2021 Grant Recipient for The Prosperity Foundation. The celebration ceremony for the prosperity foundation took place virtually on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, with 57 other organizations who were honored throughout the state of CT making great impacts in their communities.

The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy participated in the Finding Peace 2021 event at the Wilson Gray YMCA in October. Youth leaders and adults had a panel discussion to help develop a strategic approach to addressing youth violence in the north end of Hartford. Also, on November 17th GHYLA joined the CT Gun Violence Prevention and Advisory for a virtual meeting to hear testimonials and discuss recommendations on how to reduce gun violence.

Be on the lookout for more information about the Annual Youth Summit in April 2022.