Hartford Communities That Care, Inc. (HCTC) is a Hartford-based nonprofit organization committed to creating and supporting non-violent and drug-free communities in which youth and families can thrive. Founded in 1998, HCTC achieves its mission by forming partnerships with key community members and organizations, by coordinating critical services, and by identifying, developing and implementing evidence-based programs for high rates of success. 

Noteworthy HCTC achievements include the creation of a crisis response team to support youth and families that have been adversely affected by homicides, domestic violence, non-fatal shootings, and other violent crime.


HCTC's Staff

Andrew Woods, MSW
Executive Director

Joseph Wilkerson, Jr., MBA
Deputy Director

Larry Johnson
Director, Hartford Care Response Team

Edward Brown III
Director, Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy


Natilie Langlaise

Administrative Support/Case Management

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Board of Directors

At HCTC we surround ourselves with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our and improve our programs. We seek to build and maintain a diverse Board of Directors with a wide range of experiences, competencies, and perspectives.

Jeff Ogbar Ph.D., Chairman
Professor of History  
University of Connecticut

Hattie Harris, Treasurer
Northeast Resident/Retired  

Lisa Turner, Secretary      
Social Worker
Ct. Department of Children and Families

Ngina A. Gibson, Manager,
EEO Specialist, 
Ct. Department of Children and Families

Howard K. Hill, Founder/ President 
Howard K. Hill Funeral Services

Lester Libert
It's a Gee Thang Barber Salon 

JoAnn H. Price, Managing Partner
Fairview Capital 

Patricia Tyson, Account Technical SME
IBM Global Services