GHYLA Takes its Mission to Washington DC

Hartford, CT- Middle and high school students from the Hartford Youth Leadership Academy meet every Saturday, aiming to extend their local initiatives to a national level with a planned trip to Washington D.C. Their weekly sessions focus on tackling community issues, leading to the creation of presentations aimed at national audiences. Their work gains importance as they prepare to attend the 34th annual Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America Conference in Washington D.C. This meeting draws youth leaders nationwide to discuss various prevention strategies.

Driven by personal and community motivations, these students are set to meet influential figures like the Assistant Secretary of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Congressman John Larson. These engagements are vital for advocating for Hartford and proposing actionable solutions. As the trip nears, the students are filled with excitement and determination, understanding that this opportunity is more than just an educational trip; it's a platform to engage in significant dialogues, learn, and return ready to effect change.

This journey marks a critical step in their evolution as young leaders aiming to impact their community and beyond.

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