The Family, Academic, & Mental Wellness Program (FAM)

is an extension of the Hartford Care Response Team. As a team, we are working tirelessly toward bridging gaps in urban students' and families' opportunities to access culturally appropriate and accessible interventions. We recognize the struggles the communities under our care face due to interpersonal or community violence. Our role is to provide comprehensive support intervention that bolsters access to essential academic, social-emotional, and basic needs opportunities for every individual to thrive in a supportive and understanding ambiance.

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Intensive Advising

our trained case managers and intervention specialists offer personalized guidance and one-on-one support to students who need emotional, personal injury, and survivor support to ensure their situations are accorded the desired level of care and support.

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Comprehensive Services

From academic support to non-academic and victim services, we offer comprehensive and collaborative support by linking families and students to available resources at home, within their communities, and in school settings where possible.

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Family Engagement

We advocate for the philosophies of power building between families and educators through family wrap-around service delivery. This involves creating partnerships, relationship building, and shared decision-making that supports families' healing alongside that of their children.

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Socio-Emotional Classroom Engagement:

our students benefit from an evidence-based mindfulness curriculum and BREATHE protocol, which nurtures emotional intelligence, leadership skills, confidence, and positive self-image.

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Empowerment Coaching

Involves guiding and supporting the setting and realization of incremental goals and expectations that will see the student emerge victoriously.

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