The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy (GHYLA)

The Greater Hartford Youth Leadership Academy (GHYLA) consists of middle—and high-school-aged students. It offers youth development and mentoring support, where students can research problems they see and advocate for solutions.

The youth meet weekly, participate in quarterly field trips, engage in many constructive activities, and host annual region-wide “Raising Youth Voices” youth summits led by and for youth. Following outreach activities within Greater Hartford, the goal is to amplify community voices, too. 

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Starting from ages 13-18 (middle and high school) and looking to the future up to 24 years old. We plan to involve those who have moved into the workforce after high school and are pursuing careers – as well as those either now enrolled in or graduated from college. This extends our reach and connects to our latest Each One Reach One: Futures Beyond High School initiative. 

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