What We Do

Community Health Worker Program

HCTC’s newly established Community Health Worker Program, funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation and the City of Hartford, with partners the Hispanic Health Council and Family Life Education. A regional initiative to continue the public health response to the pandemic, the program in its first months hired Community Health Workers (CHWs) to provide outreach, education, and distribution of COVID-19 information to more than 3,000 Greater Hartford residents and merchants. 

Masks Distributed Weekly

Community Health Workers frontline outreach to the Greater Hartford community, providing residents and merchants more than 500 masks each week to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Informed Residents

About public health (COVID-19 prevention) and public safety (victims of violent crime services).

Distributed Boxes of Food

Collaborated with Howard K. Hill Funeral Services to distribute more than 10,000 boxes of food to residents across Greater Hartford.

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